The xoTribe

A community of fly, fearless women on the glow up!

The xoTribe

A Judgment-Free Sista Circle Where You Get the Tools, Resources and Connections to Become the Best Version of YOU

Want exclusive access to a judgment-free, global community bursting with access to hours of life-changing discussions curated to help you glow up in every aspect of life, discounts on can’t-miss events, and empowering mentoring sessions with xoNecole founder, Necole Kane (and her smart biz besties)?

How about a sisterhood of women who will elevate and encourage you to become the best version of yourself in life, love, business and everything in between?

We got you – step inside The xoTribe, sis.

A Safe Space for Us

The xoNecole Members community is a safe space where you’ll gain access to real resources, tools and content, and opportunities to share your ideas and make real connections without worrying about anyone downgrading your dreams or killing your vibe.

We’re women who laugh together, cry together, win together and have REAL conversations about life, love, relationships, work, entrepreneurship and everything in between.

Real Mentorship

Let Necole and her smart biz besties take you by the virtual hand and help you navigate the growing pains and hurdles that women face every day. You’ll get to ask questions and get real answers to help you level up in your career and relationships. 

The Sisterhood You’ve Been Searching For


As a member of one of the hottest digital communities for fly, fearless women, you’ll gain access to:

  • “Mentor Mondays” discussions with some of your favorite Girl Bosses
  • An archive of digital fireside chats 
  • Free or discounted tickets to all xoNecole events
  • Access to the Writers Club, Book Club and Pleasure Tribe groups
  • Exclusive xoNecole job postings as they become available
  • Insider alerts on local networking events and creative job opportunities
  • Small Business Saturday features for entrepreneurs
  • Occasional Beauty giveaways from our brand partners
  • An intimate connection with the xoNecole team and a community of empowering women

Words from Your Sistas 

This group of women has changed the way I see and think about things and has played a part in my transitioning to becoming a better version of myself. I have been welcoming things I had been afraid of receiving. I am learning to let go of the things that hurt me. I feel like I’m at a crossroads of a breakthrough. I am thankful for you! – S. Sims

Usually, I stay away from large group chats/ pages, but since being a part of the xoTribe, I feel like I have an extended family of sisters already. We’re all on the same page to growth, bettering ourselves and each other. I love how transparent we are. I am happy I am able to get to chat with others that are going through some of the same experiences. I feel seen and heard, which means a lot. – Dayana


Joining the xoTribe has given me a sense of belonging that I’ve been searching for for so long. I’ve been virtually surrounded by incredible women of color with whom I share similar experiences and I can feel myself blooming. – Savannah


I can honestly say the xoTribe is a safe space. Every day is filled with pure positivity: girl talk, affirmations, informative articles, not to mention, planned members-only events and meet-ups. – TeRonda

I don’t have access to any social media outside of the xoTribe. I love that it is a safe space for women to come together and connect. There’s always great discussions, interesting things to learn and tons of laughter.  I love that we support one another, constantly lifting up and empowering one another. This is a group of amazing ladies and I’m proud to be amongst them.  – Shan 

I love this group. I’m off social media for the time being and I love that I can still be social but in a way that supports my mental health! - Jaiye

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